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Commission your idea for the abandoned toon/suit which was left on the Island..
Funtime Suit
Send your idea of your suit kept below ground...
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Submit the idea of a monster in the Dark, Shade character
Hell Bound
Any Character of your choice to become the scary hell bound being!
Make up a Location/Room(FNaTI wise) and what it's features are!

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United Kingdom

Hey, my name is Photo Negative Mickey
I am a modeller and a student, who is currently using Blender on Steam. Which my goal is to improve as much as i can, as for my future job i wish to become an animator or a 3D modeller, which i am practising modelling at the moment, but i am not very good, so far, Which is why i still wish to improve.
I support all my Watchers who support me :)
I am a big fan of Disney and FNaTI, you can easily tell ;)
HOWEVER, i am NOT the creator of Five Nights at Treasure Island, i just make FAN-GAMES of it, which all that is soon coming to an end


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PointyBull1044 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
The fourth and final game of Nights with Andrew 4 informations

In the last game of the saga, passes in the year of 2026, 14 years after the second Andrew's Pizza Galaxy burn to the ground and then, the companhy made an exposition with the animatronics were rescused from the last restaurant and they called the atracttion as The Pentagon's Mystery. The female nightguard of the place is named Aurora Coleman, the payment is by check with 412 dollars. The shift is the longest ever: 12am to 9am. The phone guy caller is now YOU!

In game over screen, you put a newspaper headline write: "Girl murdred by animatronic!" The text is this one:

"20 years old, local female nightguard named Aurora Coleman was found dead in her office this morning, the investigators have teories about the killer: an animatronic. “The attraction will be closed until we resolute the case, the animatronics will be deactivated to investigate the robots.”
Official Wally Reynold"

In the payment (night 5 ending) Aurora recives your payment of 412US$. The overtime (night 6 ending) she recives a payment of 36,99 US$, and in "the end of all" (night 7 ending) you put credits for everyone who participated of the saga NWA. and then, you put The End. To say to the people, the saga is finnaly over!

You have 7 cameras: a hallway (7th), an expo stage (1st), an air vent connected to your office through the expo view (2nd-6th-your office), etc. to get safe from the animatronics (just 3 blaze animatronics), you get to close the door (where just stay closed for 15.5s) if they are gone, you're OK! In case no, close the door once more again. And about the air vent, the office has a cellphone with a security system where clicking in the button seal/unseal vent it inicialite a restart system in it. And here, has a power meditor and if you click in it, restarts the energy and send the energy back to the 100%!

Yep! thats all! Goodbye!
PointyBull1044 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
OK PNMickey! Nights with Andrew 3

In the 3rd game, is in 1999, some days before the event of the day JUL/12th/1999, where you're playing as the child who get bited by Andrew in your birthday. The kid's name is Clarence Winters, wich is spending your next 5 nights facing your nightmares. The nightmare starts from 12am and ends at 8am In the normal ending (night 5 ending) you see a cutscene with two teenagers and Clarence in the pizzaria and they goes to the Andrew's Stage and put the kid inside the mouth and his brother runned to avoid the accident but was to late! And then, apears the same headline in the newspapaer in the 1st game. The true (and sadest with 99% to cry a lot...) ending, Clarence was traumatized for your birthday and then, a cute Andrew Plush starts to talk with him, and in the end he says:

"Don't worry! I am
Here. I always
Still there! In
Your heart!
You don't need
To be afraid

And Clarence, happy and sad at same time, he says:

"Thank you
Andrew!" (TRUE ENDING)

You don't need to put an ending in night 7. In the hiden ending (night 8 ending) you put a mensage saying: "ARE YOU HERE?" and then, you can put a gap to the 4th game!

To get safe from the animatronics, Cilan and Herman are mutant animatronics wich try get you from the doors (Cilan: Left door and Herman: Right door), to get safe from these two guys, shine your flashlight in them, to send him away for your bedroom. Mutant Andrew try get you from the bed with your little friends Andrushes. To stop his transformation, flick down your mouse to see your bed, if here is an Andrush or more than one, shine your light to scare them and interupt the Mutant Andrew's transformation.

Well, i'll pass about the 4th game in 7 1/2 hours! Bye!
PointyBull1044 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for come late!

About the 2nd game from Nights with Andrew, the Nights with Andrew 2 is in the year of 2012, 13 years after the events from 1999. The restaurant now have more cameras (09) and the restaurant has a new female nightguard, named Jannet Wilson. The voice from the Phone Caller is Tord Larson (if you meet him...) if he likes FNaF, collaborate with him! The shift is a bit more longer: from 12am to 7am! With the payment by check with 861 American dollars (night 5 ending). In the the overtime (night 6 ending) Jannet recives the overtime payment with 58,99US$. In the Custom Night (night 7 ending) Jannet gone missing from the town and the player reads the newspaper with the headline writed: "Andrew's Pizza Galaxy burn to the ground". The text is like this one:

"On the morning of the last day of summer, Andrew's Pizza Galaxy burns to the ground, the unique clue leasted in the fire it's a phrase saying “He do this to us” but who is this “He”?

The cameras in the restaurant are 9: a stage (cam 1), a dinning room (cam 2), an arcade (cam 5) a hallway (cam 3), a parts/service room (cam 8), a backroom (cam 9), a back hall (cam 07), etc. To get safe from the animatronics, all the ancients and new animatronics get you from the office hallway. If someone enter in the office, put a mask (Right option: cameras, center option: Andrew's mask and left option: watch back hall). OH! And talking about this left option, two animatronics (New Andrew & Ancient Cilan) try kill you from the back hall! to get away from these animatronics, flick down your mouse to the left side to see a back hallway and shine your light to scare them!

The characters are the same in the 1st game, so made new and ancient animatronics (EXAMPLE: New Andrew, the alligator and Ancient Andrew, the alligator)

The phone calls can't hit 7am in the game, so put in the limit of call: 6 minutes OK?

Okay, i'll pass informations from the 3rd game tommorrow... see ya!

PS: you need to play University and JOLLY 3!
PointyBull1044 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
About Nights with Andrew, the first game pass in the Andrew's restaurant called Andrew's Pizza Galaxy, in 1999. The Phone Caller's voice is Luigikid gaming. The shift is from 12am to 6am, the payment is by check with 538 American dollars and the nightguard is a man! In the paycheck (night 5 ending), the nightguard's name is Bruce Jefferson, reciving 538US$. The overtime (night 6 ending), Bruce recives the overtime payment with 49,99US$. The Custom Night (night 7 ending), Bruce is fired due an accident in the restaurant on the day JUL/12th/1999, with a newspaper with the newspaper headline writed: "Child get bited by an animatronic". The text is like this one:

"On the morning of July,12th, 1999, a group of teens cercs a 7 year-old child going with the child near to the show stage at  Andrew's Pizza Galaxy. One of the teens is the brother of the child and said have tried to avoid the bite (but its to late!) Andrew accidentaly bited the child leaving it in a serious coma status. The child's brother's friends are locked in the prison and will been freed 15 years later. APG's restaurant its closing it doors with chances with re-open 13 years later..."

The cameras in the restaurant are just 6 (a stage (cam1), a dinning room (cam 2), a parts/service room (cam 6) a generator room (cam 5), an arcade (cam 3) and a main hallway (cam 4). To get safe from the animatronics, you need to seal the door at cam 4 holding in the cam 4 button for 3s and the sealing time is of 5s (allways 5! If you put 6 you're joking me or you're putting something wrong!).

The characters are: Andrew, the alligator (stage), Cilan, the canvas (parts/service), Herman, the horse (stage) and old Andrew (parts/service).

The phone calls can't dure over 6 minutes (5 minutes or less, but don't too less, like 14.5 seconds)

OK, i'll pass the 2nd game in 3 1/2 hours
PointyBull1044 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Dear PNMickey

When you give up in your life making a devlop?! You never gived up! Your games are cool and you give uped? NO!!! So don't give up and continue doing this f**king stupid Five Nights with Mac Tonight end game (3rd game)! And you will did it!

Signed: PointyBull1044

PS: Can you do a FNaF fan-game named Nights with Andrew? I'll pass more informations in 2 hours! ;D
Nightmare-doodles Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017
how does face move around? does he just pull himself along or does he run around doing handstands?
Wain-The-Core Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
tell me if you ever take requests plz
LianOfficial75 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017
Is that ok if I'm watching you again? :3
0410mark Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017
I have a silly request (if you do those) Can the animate the Fnati gang doing the Hot Dog dance?
luis18artist Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Greetings and my respects to you
Im so honored to meet you are one of my biggest inspirations
FNATI inspired me to make my own fangame,although im still a newbie.

If you like i will be honored if you let me show a fanart that i made of how imagine that probably will look the Adventure version of Willy

Thank you very much for being a awesome modeller and artist and a inspiration for me,your games are a great works of art

All the Best Luis :)
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